News: Would You Buy This $89 Mannequin Head to Store a VR or AR Headset On?

Would You Buy This $89 Mannequin Head to Store a VR or AR Headset On?

How do you safely store your augmented, virtual, or mixed reality headset when you're not using it? Cybust hopes you're willing to shell out $89 to display it like a sculpture around your house.

Microsoft's HoloLens does come with an attractive, handy case. That's often the exception, however, as other headsets tend to forego storage for cost. But when you've invested quite a bit of cash to become one of the early adopters of the holographic world, you might want to make sure your headset doesn't get dusty or damaged.

Image via Cybust

Cybust wants you to buy an $89 charcoal-colored mannequin head to do that. While the price seems a bit excessive, according to Polygon it does get the job done well where other generic busts did not:

I've also purchased and tested various model and even glass heads to display my headsets in the past, and they were always at risk of falling over from the weight or the cables in the back. Cybust rests on a heavy, attractive steel base. It's not going anywhere.

Cybust designed their product to accommodate all headsets without the need to stretch or adjust any bands after use. The bust is 95% of the size of an average head and, with any gear atop it, feels like futuristic art depicted in a '90s science fiction movie. (Whether or not that's a compliment depends on your personal aesthetic.)

While I doubt most of us will want to shell out $89 to display our VR/AR/MR gear, it's not exactly unheard of. People pay almost as much for a MacBook stand that offers pretty much no practical benefits at all. At least Cybust can help keep the bands well-formed and dust out of the eyepiece.

Images via Cybust

Whether it turns out to be a worthwhile investment or not, Cybust points to a problem many of us will encounter in the future: how do we store our headsets? For now, and for many of us, they're probably just winding up in a drawer. Hopefully Cybust is just the start of some better options.

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Cover image by Cybust

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HELLLz no. You go to Michaels, you buy a styrofoam head. you nail it/hotglue/attach it to a 2" thick piece of measured wood and viola! you saved maybe $80. Then you just make it look pretty and call it a day.

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