News: ODG's Remaining Inventory & Physical Assets Become Available to Purchase via Auction

ODG's Remaining Inventory & Physical Assets Become Available to Purchase via Auction

While the story of augmented reality headset maker Osterhout Design Group has come to an end, the epilogue of its demise continues.

After ODG's intellectual property, including patents and trademarks, went up for sale via Hilco Bankstream last month, Heritage Global Partners is handling the auction of ODG's physical assets.

Everything must go. Image via Heritage Global Partners

A Heritage spokesperson confirms that the company is authorized to conduct the auction by ODG and its stakeholders. According to Law360 (paywall), at least two of ODG's creditors include JGB Ardmore Ltd. and GTC Law Group.

Among the items up for bid are 40 ODG augmented reality headsets, assorted lab equipment, a fleet of MacBook Pros and Lenovo Thinkpads, and even office furniture.

Fun fact: The desk in my home office came from an auction at a closed hospital. I won the bid for $2. So if you want to own a piece of augmented reality history, go wild, but note that Heritage charges a buyer's premium of 18% on all sales.

Image via Heritage Global Assets

Although this particular auction just involves ODG's physical assets, Heritage has also handled auctions of patents and intellectual property as well. The company recently auctioned off the VR assets of Jaunt.

ODG met its end at about the same time as Blippar and Meta Company. Although Blippar is rising like a phoenix from its own ashes as a new company with the same name, and Meta's ultimate fate is still uncertain, it looks like there won't be a redemption song for ODG.

Additional reporting by Adario Strange

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Cover image via Heritage Global Partners

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