News: This Is How You Can Join LeBron James & Warner Bros. Space Jam Cartoon Characters in Augmented Reality

This Is How You Can Join LeBron James & Warner Bros. Space Jam Cartoon Characters in Augmented Reality

The remake of the Warner Bros. classic animation meets live-action movie Space Jam, this time starring LeBron James instead of Michael Jordan, hits theaters today.

And while bringing Bugs Bunny into your real world surroundings is still Hollywood fantasy, thanks to augmented reality there's now a way to get the same effect as seen in the movie.

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There are actually a couple of ways to teleport the characters from Space Jam: A New Legacy into your surroundings. The most accessible way is to use the web-based AR experience, which is only available via mobile devices, at

Once there, the AR experience allows you to take a photo or video selfie with either the entire Toon Squad or select characters. You can also point the camera in the other direction and capture friends and family posing with the animated characters.

Images by Adario Strange/Next Reality

In addition to the Hollywood angle, the experience is being presented as a promotion for AT&T 5G, but don't worry, if you don't have a 5G capable smartphone you can still use the AR experience.

Images by Adario Strange/Next Reality, Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

For those who are going back to in-person movie theaters, the movie franchise has also installed special kiosks at Cinemark theaters in Plano, Texas (West Plano and Legacy locations) and Houston, Texas (Memorial City), which allow theatergoers to take an on-location AR selfie with the characters.

"Imagine a future of being immersed in an entertainment experience tailored specifically to you that begins from the moment you walk into a cineplex," said Mo Katibeh, the senior vice president for AT&T Network Infrastructure & Build, in a statement.

Images via AT&T

When customers enter one of the select theaters, a character on the kiosk will prompt the visitor to scan a QR code which, in addition to starting the immersive photo process, will also allow them to provide an email address where the finished immersive photo can be sent.

"This is the beginning of many exciting possibilities and the Cinemark collaboration is an example of how AT&T, through our 5G network, is working to bring solutions from across our company to help companies transform their business."

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Cover image via AT&T/Instagram

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