News: Apple Reveals New Animoji Karaoke Video Ahead of WWDC

Apple Reveals New Animoji Karaoke Video Ahead of WWDC

Apple's lead marketing tool for the iPhone X, 3D Animoji that you control with your facial and head movements, are once again in the spotlight in a new commercial the company posted on its Korean YouTube account this week.

In conjunction with the release of a new single from South Korea indie band HYUKOH, Apple put together a new Animoji Karaoke style video titled "Taxi Driver" for the band's song "Citizen Kane."

The spot features two of Apple's new Animoji characters, the bear and the dragon, and includes background imagery and text specifically targeted at South Korean consumers.

Earlier this year, we speculated that Apple's newly released set of Animoji might correspond to a more significant push to popularize the iPhone X internationally, and this new video appears to back that notion up.

The new commercial comes just a few weeks before Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), where users are likely to be presented with additional updates on Apple's augmented reality offerings, perhaps including Animoji, the TrueDepth camera and, most importantly, ARKit.

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Cover image via Apple/YouTube

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