News: Apple Invades Grammys with iPhone X Animoji Karaoke for Childish Gambino & Migos

Apple Invades Grammys with iPhone X Animoji Karaoke for Childish Gambino & Migos

On Sunday, the annual Grammy Awards delivered its usual mix of fashion, live performances, and music industry magic, but this time with one important difference: Animojis.

During the broadcast, two iPhone X commercials ran that showed off how TrueDepth camera, in combination Animoji characters, can be used to create short music videos.

One video features the song "Redbone" by Childish Gambino aka actor Donald Glover (The Martian, Solo: A Star Wars Story), a tune that won a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance. The other Animoji music video featured a take on the song "Stir Fry" by Migos.

Both songs already have popular performance videos attached to them, which heavily influenced the Animoji videos created by Apple. In some parts, the Animoji videos even mimic the original videos' look.

And lest anyone get the wrong idea, it should be noted that, other than the Animoji character performances, you can't create the effects and editing tricks shown these videos using Apple's iPhone X (that takes some extra non-iPhone X editing genius). But for any music artist out there thinking of releasing their own professional Animoji music video, Apple has officially given everyone the blueprint.

And while most of the world got a look at these videos via the Grammys last night, it turns out that Apple snuck them out onto the internet on Friday, just before the big event. What we really want to know now is: Who performed the Animoji Karaoke for these videos? From the plaintive eye squinting crooning on the Gambino track to the earnest backup poo emoji raps for Migos, both videos are genuinely entertaining.

The next batch of Animoji will reach iPhone X users this spring in the form of four new characters coming in update 11.3, which may stir up a new round of viral Animoji Karaoke videos.

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