News: Starks AR Headset Displays Subtitles for Hearing Impaired

Starks AR Headset Displays Subtitles for Hearing Impaired

The more impressive demonstrations of the capabilities of augmented reality add another dimension to what we see in the real world.

One company, Greta & Starks, is on the verge of launching an augmented reality headset called Starts AR that displays film subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired, as well as those who need dialogue translated into their native language.

Starks AR resembles a call center headset, except the arm that would hold the microphone rests at variable angles in front of the wearer's eye. A micro display, similar to those seen on Google Glass, streams subtitles in any language to the user's field of view.

Starks AR shows subtitles in the user's field of view via a micro display. Image via Greta & Starks

In an email to Next Reality, Greta & Starks states that they expect to have the Starks AR headset available to consumers by the end of the year. To this end, they plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Sept. 6 that will enable them to finalize their prototype and commence manufacturing.

The European company specializes in technology for individuals with sight and hearing impairment. Their Greta app for iOS and Android provides audio descriptions of films to those suffering from loss of vision, while the Starks app, also for iOS and Android, delivers subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

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Cover image via Greta & Starks

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Dear Anthony,

Thank you for your interest in the Starks AR! We value every feedback regarding our product.

The subtitles displayed on the headset are produced by the producer or distributor of the movie, and are therefor the exact same subtitles you'll read in a movie theater or watching the DVD.

Subtitles are downloaded beforehand. When opened at the beginning of the film, the Starks App recognizes the audio (same technique as Shazam), for a perfect synchronization from the beginning until the end!

The headset was produced in order to enable the best experience and viewing comfort possible; the screen in front of the eye does not affect the viewing quality.

Please forward any additional question or feedback to


The Greta & Starks team.

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