News: Netflix Launches Oculus Quest Immersive Game for Animated Streaming Series 'Eden'

Netflix Launches Oculus Quest Immersive Game for Animated Streaming Series 'Eden'

We usually focus on augmented reality here, but when something important in VR happens, we highlight it as part of the overall immersive computing story.

In this case, the momentous event is the debut of a fully developed VR game experience from none other than Netflix.

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The game, which is based on the Netflix series Eden, is called Eden Unearthed and it takes us into the world of a planet where artificial intelligence and robots have taken over, leaving just a single human girl left to fend for herself with a group of friendly humanoid machines.

It's a melancholy animated tale with equal moments of hope and discovery, very much in the tradition of most Japanese anime, which makes sense since it is directed by Fullmetal Alchemist director Yasuhiro Irie and created by Justin Leach, one of the 3D animators for Ghost in the Shell 2.

Images via Netflix

The VR game takes us through the desolate but lush landscapes of the planet in search of fuel and clues, following the narrative established by the show which is now in its second season on Netflix.

Normally, movie and TV studios opt for AR experiences to promote their productions, primarily because the dynamic of AR lends itself to serving as an enhancement to existing properties rather than a full-on alternative experience. In this case, perhaps because of the animation dynamic, Netflix is testing the waters to see if anime fans might be pulled into a completely separate gaming environment based on the streaming TV series.

Oculus Quest 2 users can download the game immediately for free here.

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