News: Universal Pictures Uses Sound to Trigger Augmented Reality Horror Experience for 'Candyman' Movie

Universal Pictures Uses Sound to Trigger Augmented Reality Horror Experience for 'Candyman' Movie

The practice of using sound to trigger augmented reality interactions hasn't been widely used, but a new experience is so impressive that it could kick off more use of the dynamic.

In a new promotion for the upcoming film Candyman, Universal Pictures has launched a web-based AR experience that lets you engage in one of the film franchise's signature horror moments.

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The film, which is a reboot of the cult classic original 1992 film based on Clive Barker's short story, is about a ghost/demon named Candyman. When a person says Candyman's name five times while looking into a mirror, he suddenly appears behind them, and attacks!

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The evergreen horror trope is so legendary that there are still people who refuse to say Candyman's name while standing in front of a mirror in real life.

Well, the courage of movie fans is now being tested by this new AR marketing experience, as it compels you to open your device's camera and begin saying the ghost's name.

Image via Universal Pictures

Increasingly, web-based AR is becoming a staple of Hollywood AR marketing, with varying results. In this case, the Candyman AR experience really stands out as an incredibly accurate representation of the horror film franchise.

When you say Candyman's name a couple of times, the film's trademark bees (a sign Candyman is coming!) begin to hover around your face and even follow you if you move your face position.

Image via Universal Pictures

It's not spoiling it to say that once you say Candyman's name a fifth time while looking into the virtual mirror (via your device's camera), something pretty jarring happens, so this AR experience is not for the faint of heart. If you chicken out, there's also a pretty interesting result when you choose the "no way!" option.

After completing the AR interaction, the film's final new trailer is also unlocked for viewing in your browser. Completing the experience also allows access to an online ticket buying process, which includes a map of theaters showing the film in your area.

The latest installment of the horror franchise was produced by Jordan Peele, the mind behind the hit Get Out film, so we can probably expect a least a few comedic elements tossed in along with the horror. The film hits theaters on August 27, but if you want a taste of the legendary character, this sound-based AR experience is really true to the theme of the original film made so popular by the lead actor Tony Todd.

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