News: Kay Jewelers Adds Some Bling to Snapchat via Try-on Lens

Kay Jewelers Adds Some Bling to Snapchat via Try-on Lens

Rabbit ears and dog noses are fun and all, but Kay Jewelers is here to class up Snapchat.

Claiming a first among the jewelry market, Kay Jewelers has launched a Sponsored Lens that lets Snapchatters virtually try-on three necklaces. A pucker of the lips triggers a virtually-blown kiss, because, as their tagline reminds us, every kiss begins with Kay. I'm also fairly certain that Snapchat adds some virtual eyelashes, since mine are not usually this luxurious.

Images by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

Once users have made their rounds through the limited selection, they are encouraged to switch to the rear camera, where they can play a game. The goal is to guide the camera to catch falling bracelets and rings on a mannequin's hand. After an undetermined number of successful catches, diamonds begin to rain down as well.

Images by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality

"We are always looking for new ways to engage our audience and we are very excited to be introducing this first-to-market, custom Lens with Snapchat," said Kim Kanary, vice president of public relations and social media for Kay Jewelers, in a statement. "We know that consumers like to browse and research jewelry selections digitally, but still value the opportunity to experience the physical try-on in store. With this custom Lens we are able [to] combine those behaviors in a fun and interactive experience that we believe users will really enjoy."

To access the lens, scan the Snapcode below. It's unclear how Kay Jewelers intends to make the Snapcode discoverable to potential customers, but we've reached out to the company for clarification.

Image via Kay Jewelers

Virtual try-on tools have become the go-to AR app for the cosmetics industry via facial recognition technology, with demonstrated success in converting sales. The next logical step is for retailers in the jewelry, eyeglasses, and accessories market to take the AR plunge, though other factors, such as fit and feel, add another layer of decision-making with consumers.

In this instance, Kay Jewelers is really aiming more for "top of mind" awareness. The Sponsored Lens doesn't push Snapchatters to Kay's website or even to a Context Card that might show nearby stores. But it is a reminder that Kay is a destination for bright, shiny objects.

As companies look to apply AR to their marketing strategies, we can expect to see a variety of approaches. Everything from standalone apps with AR features to sponsored camera effects and web banner ads with AR experiences are in play. With more companies beginning to test consumer behavior around AR, such as likelihood to install an app versus engage with an ad, we'll soon begin to discover which AR marketing tactic is most effective.

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Cover image via Kay Jewelers

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