News: HBO's 'Westworld' Snapchat Filter Lets You Take Part in the Robot Revolution

HBO's 'Westworld' Snapchat Filter Lets You Take Part in the Robot Revolution

HBO is only a couple of episodes into the second season of Westworld, the television version of the classic science fiction movie about a robot resort gone awry, and the fan theories about the show are already reaching Season 1 levels of weirdness.

But while you were obsessed with your weekly fix of murderous robots, you may have missed a very new superpower hiding in your Snapchat app: the ability to become one of Westworld's robots.

A Snapchat filter that HBO quietly released during the show's premiere a couple of weeks ago transforms your face into an android with glowing artificial eyes and an interface overlay mirroring the data tablets seen in the show's robot repair labs.

The interface also includes a space that displays your Snapchat username as your "host ID" (for the uninitiated, androids are called "hosts" on the show). As you're checking out your metallic innards, the show's haunting theme song plays.

But it doesn't end there. While you're using the Westworld Snapchat Lens, open your mouth, and you can watch as your human face splits open to reveal your true robotic visage, duplicating a special effect seen on the series.

You can give the Lens a try yourself by opening the Snapchat app and scanning the Snapcode below by long-touching on the code while in the Snapchat camera view. You'll be able to unlock the Lens for an hour.

Image via Snapchat

And while the Lens has been available for a while, it seems most hardcore fans of the show aren't aware of it.

But if you're among the truly Westworld devoted, and have already sampled the goods, you can also check out a few of the show's cast members trying the Lens out by searching Instagram and Twitter for the hashtag #ChaosTakesControl.

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Cover image via Getti Kehayova/Instagram

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