News: If You're a TikToker, You Want an iPhone 12 Pro

If You're a TikToker, You Want an iPhone 12 Pro

Most iPhones are more than capable of shooting crispy, high-quality video, perfect for any TikTok account to use. But if you're serious about the platform, especially in the long-run, you don't want just any iPhone. Instead, you'll want to pick up an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max.

The reason why we recommend the more expensive iPhones for TikTok users isn't because there's something wrong with the iPhone 12 or 12 mini. Those iPhones shoot 4K video with Dolby Vision just like the Pros do. Rather, our specificity is due to something the Pros have that the regular iPhone 12s do not — LiDAR sensors.

Apple introduced LiDAR sensors in its devices last year, starting with the iPad Pro and followed by the iPhone Pro models. Working in conjunction with ARKit, the sensors enable the devices and the apps they run to measure the depth of an environment and anchor 3D content more accurately.

On Thursday, TikTok announced that its platform would take advantage of the iPhone's LiDAR sensors, with the introduction of the company's first LiDAR augmented reality effect. When activated, you'll see a New Year's Eve ball appear on your ceiling (sure, 2021 is already here, but celebrating the end of 2020 is pretty popular right now). After a short countdown, the ball opens up to litter confetti all over the room. Thanks to LiDAR, the confetti lands in the space just as you'd expect real confetti to, sticking to furniture, people, and other visible objects.

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Since that announcement, it seems TikTok also launched a second AR effect. This effect turns your floor into a koi pond, complete with fish and lily pads. You can even tap on the display to change the color of the lily pads from green to fluorescent orange.

These effects are likely just the first of many, and if you don't have an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max, you won't be able to take advantage of any of them. If you're serious about TikTok, and don't want any compromises in your experience, you simply need a "Pro" iPhone.

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Cover image and GIFs by Jake Peterson/Next Reality

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