News: Concept Video Shows Just How Impressive Pokémon Battles Can Be on the HoloLens

Concept Video Shows Just How Impressive Pokémon Battles Can Be on the HoloLens

Regular HoloLens developer and YouTuber Sky Zhou, a founding member of mixed reality studio Matrix Inception, has done it again. With an Xbox One controller in hand, watch as he makes these Pokémon battle it out Super Smash Brothers-style in his HoloLens app.

I asked Zhou if he's going to release the game code, and he said, "I am not ready to release for GitHub yet, but maybe I can do some DIY videos." Since the release of this demo video, they have yet to materialize, but here's hoping it happens soon!

Watching the video, you can see Sky can control both characters using a voice command to switch the active character. Great leveraging of the technology there. His Squirtle and Pikachu characters can jump all over the yard, making great use of the HoloLens' spatial mapping, even in this outdoor area.

Image by Matrix Inception/YouTube

I have never been a big Super Smash Bros. player, but my brother and sister are huge fans. That being said, I would find myself playing a lot if it was in the real world like this! Nintendo needs to take note.

Image by Matrix Inception/YouTube

Sky has been pretty prolific with his video releases of his HoloLens projects, so make sure to check out his YouTube channel to see everything he's cooking up. He released a really cool HoloLens-specific keyboard to the Asset store, which is being used in one of the projects I am working on. He's also found an easy way to shrink down your surroundings into a miniature 3D version of the room on the HoloLens.

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Cover image via Matrix Inception/YouTube

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