News: Avon Teams with Perfect Corp. To Launch Augmented Reality Virtual Makeup Try-on Tools

Avon Teams with Perfect Corp. To Launch Augmented Reality Virtual Makeup Try-on Tools

The beauty industry has increasingly relied on the powers of augmented reality to drive sales in recent years, and now that virtual "everything" is on trend due to the pandemic, yet another big player is entering the fray.

Makeup giant Avon will now partner with Perfect Corp., one of the pioneering AR software makers in the realm of virtual makeup try-ons.

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"We are thrilled to partner with Avon Mexico to amplify their direct-to-consumer shopping experience with Perfect Corp.'s AR and AI beauty tech," said Alice Chang, the founder and CEO of Perfect Corp.

"By empowering the Avon sales force with this unique, interactive virtual try-on tool, we are able to deliver a more engaged and fulfilling consumer shopping experience, delivering an impactful personal touch to their online shopping journey."

Industry watchers may remember Perfect Corp. from its partnership with Google, allowing for virtual makeup try-ons via YouTube videos.

The Avon pairing sets up Perfect Corp. as the perfect alternative to L'Oreal and AR software team Modiface, which L'Oreal acquired back in 2018.

"When we talk about Avon, we consider the thousands of enthusiastic men and women, that have leadership and economic independence and that have made the growth of the business possible," said Mónica Domínguez, the digital representative experience manager for Avon NoLA.

"To continue with this trend, Avon offers digital tools focused on boosting their sales and extending their reach to a more digital audience to generate more customers through both traditional business or social media."

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Cover image via Perfect Corp.

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