News: YouCam Unleashes Halloween Makeup Try-On Filters Sourced from Social Media Users

YouCam Unleashes Halloween Makeup Try-On Filters Sourced from Social Media Users

It takes confidence and guts to pull off attractive and yet adequately frightening Halloween makeup as an adult.

But rest assured, Perfect Corp's makeup try-on app YouCam has published a new face filter that it crowns the "spookiest, most glam and ghoulish" of all the makeup looks.

Back in September, Perfect Corp's app whipped up a frenzy on Instagram after calling on users to submit ideas for Halloween makeup looks. Entry pics were uploaded and presented for user voting on its website, giving participants a shot at $500 in prize money and the chance to see their design as an AR face filter.

The prize-winning "Buttoned Up" look, below, was created by makeup artist and Instagram user Tedyana.

Images by Cristina Brooks/YouCam Makeup

In addition to the winning look, the app has also published 13 more augmented reality face filters, called the YouCam Makeup Halloween Costume Makeup Collection, three of which were created in partnership with makeup artists.

The filters are currently available within the YouCam Perfect (iOS and Android) and YouCam Makeup (iOS and Android) apps. Each filter must be added to the camera lens lineup by clicking on a related ad within each app's Snapchat-esque news feed.

YouCam Perfect is also offering new Halloween-themed backgrounds (see video below) exclusively for iOS users.

Although the company is aiming to stay at the forefront of the makeup try-on field, the competition is heating up, with other brands launching makeup try-on experiences at a rapid pace.

This year, Google, with influencer-friendly YouTube in its pocket, has churned out innovative promotions powered by makeup try-on experiences. Well known brands including MAC Cosmetics and Guerlain have been among the first to "try it on" in AR via YouTube. This means that users watching videos on their smartphones via the YouTube app can simply click the aforementioned ads to see a face filter with the advertised makeup.

Images by Cristina Brooks/YouCam Makeup

And just this week, Google expanded its online makeup try-ons via YouTube to include a beta program for brands looking to utilize the YouTube Masthead and its TrueView video discovery ads.

In YouCam's case, by leveraging the power of crowdsourcing to garner the most intriguing augmented reality interactions, Perfect Corp is not only promoting its wares but it's also engaging consumers where it counts -- in their precious social media mentions.

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Cover image by Cristina Brooks/Next Reality

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