News: Apple AR/VR Headset Will Sport 8K Displays & LiDAR with Q1 2022 Arrival Timeframe, Report Says

Apple AR/VR Headset Will Sport 8K Displays & LiDAR with Q1 2022 Arrival Timeframe, Report Says

Rumors around Apple's not-so-secret development of an AR/VR headset have been prevalent throughout the young year, but the latest round of reports move speculation of the device into a clearer view.

The latest leaks give us not only specifications but also an artist's rendering based on leaked photos of the headset, as well as a possible timeline for release from analysts based on supplier reports.

On Thursday, The Information (paywall) reported that the new Apple device will pack two displays with 8k resolution, about a dozen tracking cameras, and eye-tracking sensors into a sleek headset. In addition, users may also be able to swap out the headbands with varying capabilities, such as spatial audio or increased battery capacity.

Meanwhile, a JP Morgan analyst has pegged the release of the device in the first quarter of 2022, corroborating other recent reports, noting that the device is likely to include a LiDAR sensor, like those in current iPad Pro and iPhone Pro models, for environmental tracking. Another report from DigiTimes (paywall), citing industry sources, says that Quanta and Pegatron are competing to serve as assembly vendors, while long-time Apple supplier Foxconn Electronics is expected to provide parts modules.

Rumors of Apple's entry into AR wearables have persisted for about five years now, and the goalposts on its release have moved back each year. However, with the volume of reports with similar details, it sounds like 2022 might be the year to look forward to.

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Cover image via Myznik Egor/Unsplash

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