News: Amazon Prime Takes Over Times Square with Augmented Reality Apocalypse

Amazon Prime Takes Over Times Square with Augmented Reality Apocalypse

Hollywood loves to use New York City's Times Square as a setting for major scenes in a blockbuster movie, so it's only right to use the area for a choice bit of virtual apocalypse in augmented reality.

A new billboard in the famously tourist-clogged area is the framework for a new AR promotion being displayed to promote a new Amazon Prime TV series.

The series, based on a Neil Gaiman novel, is called Good Omens and stars David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Michael Christopher Sheen (Tron: Legacy, Masters of Sex) as a demon and an angel grappling with Armageddon.

Image by Grand Visual/YouTube

UK and New York-based digital agency Grand Visual worked with Amazon to produce the unique experience which uses a camera on the billboard's screen to place AR constructs in the real world crowd as they're watching the screen in action.

It's not the usual, up close and personal style of AR promotion we get on our smartphones, but from a strictly thematic point of view, it's a perfect way to promote a show about the apocalypse without actually scaring anyone. Among the virtual treats are UFOs, fish falling from the sky, and a Kraken.

If you're in the area, you can find the billboard at 1560 Broadway. The series premieres on Amazon Prime Video on May 31.

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Cover image via Grand Visual/YouTube

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