News: Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Now Available for Pre-Order

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets Now Available for Pre-Order

At their event in San Francisco today, Microsoft announced that they have begun accepting pre-orders for Windows Mixed Reality headsets from Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP, with the devices arriving on Oct. 17 along with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

In addition, the company revealed a new headset for the platform, the HMD Odyessey from Samsung, which is also available for pre-order now for $499.99 but will not ship until Nov. 10.

Samsung HMD Odyssey. Image via Microsoft

Samsung's headset boasts dual AMOLED displays with 110 degrees field of view, built-in spatial AKG headphones, inside-out tracking, and motion controllers.

Microsoft bills Windows Mixed Reality as a means to "embrace the entire continuum from augmented reality to virtual reality and everywhere in between" while maintaining traditional computing inputs and developing next-generation technologies, such as the HoloLens.

"This approach allows us and our ecosystem to embrace and take advantage of a wide range of experiences across the mixed reality spectrum – from simplified augmented reality to immersive virtual reality, to holographic computing – forever changing the way each of us work, communicate and play," wrote Alex Kipman, technical fellow at Microsoft (and NR50 member) in a blog post.

In addition, the company opened up developer access to the SteamVR preview for Windows Mixed Reality. As previously announced, SteamVR support will arrive as part of the Fall Creators Update on Oct. 17.

Lastly, Microsoft brought new life to the AltspaceVR team via acquisition. The VR community announced that they were closing their doors in July, but then announced their reopening in August, noting that additional details would be disclosed at a later date. That date is today, with Microsoft as their white knight.

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Cover image via Microsoft

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