News: Watch the Unite '16 Los Angeles Keynote from Unity

Watch the Unite '16 Los Angeles Keynote from Unity

Today in Los Angeles, Unity will be at the Loews Hollywood Hotel to host Unite '16, its annual developer conference. Unite is Unity's platform for showing the development community its upcoming direction and roadmap for augmented and virtual reality, game development, 3D technology, and more.

The main keynote, which kicks off at 10 a.m. (PST), will be hosted by Unity CEO John Riccitiello, and will bring to light what is next for Unity. This game engine has grown in incredible popularity in recent years, with 5.5 million registered Unity users and a reported install base of 1.7 billion mobile devices. Out of all the third-party game development software for mobile, Unity accounts for about 34% of it.

If it goes to reinforce the idea, tomorrow's conference is sold out, so you won't be able to squeeze through the doors last minute. But that's okay, because they are live-streaming the keynote, which can be watched below on YouTube.

After the main keynote, there will be multiple broadcasts throughout the rest of the convention, from November 1-3, 2016. You can look at the full schedule to see the various panels, demos, classes, and discussions that will happen over these three days.

If for some reason you cannot watch the live stream, keep your eye here to NextReality and follow us on Twitter for updates and any surprises that the Unity team might spring on us. I will be watching with bells... er, with my HoloLens on.

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