News: PhotoBloom AR Brings Your Framed Photos to Life as Augmented Reality Videos

PhotoBloom AR Brings Your Framed Photos to Life as Augmented Reality Videos

Taking photos that are actually printed and hung on a real wall, versus being shot and shared via a social wall, is a seemingly lost art, but PhotoBloom AR wants to change that with augmented reality.

Through an online portal, customers can upload a video and associated target image and order framed photos, greeting cards, or other printed products, which are then shipped to their home. With the PhotoBloom AR app for iOS or Android, anyone can then scan the photo to reveal the embedded video.

Image by Justin Lemus/YouTube

"Essentially what we are doing is giving you the power to share a video just like a printed photo—in the real world and with tangibility. All end users have to do is hold up our free scanner app to their photo and it will come to life!" said Justin Lemus, the founder of PhotoBloom AR, in a statement provide to Next Reality. "Video is quickly becoming the go-to way we capture our life's moments, but let's be honest, most of the time our videos are left buried in our phones or posted online only to be forgotten about the next day. This is something we felt needed to change."

The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of automation for the platform, which includes the apps, backend systems, cloud storage systems, work order systems for printing, and the company's production and shipping methods, among other components.

Image by PhotoBloom AR/Vimeo

In a sense, PhotoBloom AR is a major pivot for the family business. Lemus's family has worked in the printing business for more than 40 years. As such, Lemus learned quite a bit about producing high-quality photos, a skill that will serve the company well as it continues to marry its print products with AR technology.

But as unique as the concept seems, such a service could soon become fairly commonplace now that ARKit supports image recognition. So while PhotoBloom AR has an early lead, with the technology behind the app becoming readily accessible to developers, it will be much easier for larger print production companies to soon offer similar services.

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Cover image via PhotoBloom AR/Vimeo

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