News: This Is How You Can Access Disney World's Limited-Time Mickey & Minnie Mouse AR Selfie Lens on Snapchat

This Is How You Can Access Disney World's Limited-Time Mickey & Minnie Mouse AR Selfie Lens on Snapchat

Last week, Snap powered through a mountain of important software and (shock!) hardware updates, as well as a few very big business partnerships.

One of those partnerships is Disney World, but if you weren't paying close attention, you might have missed how exactly you can bring Disney's iconic characters into your real world via Snapchat.

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The new Walt Disney World Resort Snapchat Lenses allow you to take a fully interactive selfie with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or take a solo photo or video while wearing the trademark Disney World mouse ears cap while 3D balloons hover in the background.

Images via Disney

The virtual visit from Disney World's characters can be accessed in two ways. You can either scan the snapcode below or download the free My Disney Experience app for iOS or Android, which will take you directly to the Snapchat Lenses when you click on the "Disney Parks Snapchat Lens" option in the main menu.

Use this snapcode to access the Disney World AR experience. Image via Snap

In addition to the selfie Lens, Disney is also working with Snap to layer the Cinderella Castle with an augmented reality mosaic of fan experiences for visitors to its parks. The special AR interaction will be launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort.

One of the reasons you might want to try the Mickey and Minnie Mouse selfie Lens as soon as possible is because it will only be available to the general public until June 3. After that date, the Lens will only be available to Walt Disney World Resort visitors.

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Cover image via Disney

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