News: Facebook Ray-Ban Smartglasses Leak Reveals Fashionable Device with Cameras, Multiple Colors

Facebook Ray-Ban Smartglasses Leak Reveals Fashionable Device with Cameras, Multiple Colors

Facebook promised that it would release a pair of smartglasses in partnership with Ray-Ban sometime this year and now it looks like we have our first look at the device.

The design is amazingly in line with Ray-Ban's classic look, so much so that if you wore a pair of these in public right now most onlookers probably wouldn't realize you were wearing anything other than a normal pair of shades.

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The leak comes from one of the most reliable leak-focused Twitter handles, Ev Leaks, which is dedicated to leaking the designs of past iPhones and Samsung devices in recent years, usually nailing the exact design via either photos or prototype design specifications.

Images by EvLeaks/Twitter

This time around, instead of showing off the shadowy edges of a product, or early spec drawings, the notorious leaker has posted crystal clear product images of the still unreleased Facebook device from a number of different angles.

Image by EvLeaks/Twitter

So far, it looks like Facebook will be releasing a black and brown version of the smartglasses, as well as two different design frames, one in the classic Ray-Ban square shape, and another with a more rounded frame.

Based on its visual design alone, the device appears to have a single control button located on the right arm of the frame, and what may be tiny speaker/microphone openings located on the interior of the frame's arms.

Image by EvLeaks/Twitter

But the most interesting part is what appear to be cameras located on the top edges of both sides of the frame. We don't know exactly how the apparent cameras operate, but the approach is reminiscent of Snap's first version of its camera-only Spectacles.

Image by EvLeaks/Twitter

Additionally, a look at the arms on the Ray-Ban-branded device indicates that there may be batteries located in at least one of the arms of the smartglasses.

Speaking of branding, it's worth noting that there's no Facebook branding on the device (as far as we can see).

Image by EvLeaks/Twitter

Finally, if there were any doubt about the origin of the images, the leaker also includes a full "unboxed" style product image that shows off the device's carrying case, charger, and commercial box.

Interestingly, the box is emblazoned with the word "Ray-Ban Stories," which may indicate that Stories is the model name of the device.

Image by EvLeaks/Twitter

Of course, Facebook won't be happy about its long-teased device leaking early, but the good news is that the device appears to be as fashionable and subtle as many were hoping.

Now the only question is whether the public's recent attitude toward Facebook and its content policies will lead to consumer hesitation in terms of donning a pair of camera-laced shades from the social media giant.

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Cover image via EvLeaks/Twitter

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