News: Apple's AR Spaces in Updated Clips App Uses iPhone & iPad LiDAR to Give You New AR Video Powers

Apple's AR Spaces in Updated Clips App Uses iPhone & iPad LiDAR to Give You New AR Video Powers

Ever since the debut of the LiDAR Scanner in the latest batch of Apple's iPhones and iPads, the questions have swirled as to how this would benefit augmented reality interactions.

Well, now we have one major new treat that could spur even more adoption and it's called AR Spaces.

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The new feature is included in the 3.1 version of the Clips app and allows users to use an iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Pro to scan a room and then have fun AR effects applied to the newly mapped environment.

Image via Apple

As you can see from the demonstration videos, AR Spaces doesn't simply add a few virtual sparkles to scene, instead, the AR effects are integrated with your LiDAR scanned area to make the effects incredibly realistic.

Included in the AR Spaces immersive visuals package are seven effects: Prism, Confetti, Disco, Dance Floor, Sparkles, Stardust, and Hearts. And thanks to AR segmentation and occlusion, your appearance in the AR-enhanced live-action videos look almost as realistic as if they had been post-processed in a visual effects program.

Image via Apple

You can also record and share the videos in 9:16 vertical aspect (best for social media sharing), square aspect, or 16:9 horizontal aspect (if you're looking for a more cinematic approach).

The new AR Spaces feature is available now in the updated Clips app on the Apple App Store.

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