News: This Virtual Home Sold for $500K as an NFT, Now the Artist Wants to Move It into Augmented Reality

This Virtual Home Sold for $500K as an NFT, Now the Artist Wants to Move It into Augmented Reality

The NFT space is moving so fast that if you're not already engaged, you've probably already missed several history-making events.

One of those events happened this week with the sale of Mars House, a virtual home that sold for over $500,000, which is more than many real-world homes that you can actually live in.

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The creator of Mars House is Canadian artist Krista Kim, who began building the virtual construct back in 2020, when most of the world was forced to reevaluate the nature of indoor and outdoor spaces and what they mean to our existence and overall health, both physical and mental.

Mars House. Image via Krista Kim

Currently, the house lives as a digitally rendered 3D construct on a computer, but Kim's ultimate vision is to see it, and other virtual works, move into the realm of augmented reality, the technology she views as a linchpin to the future of interfacing with reality.

Mars House. Image via Krista Kim

Following the successful NFT auction on SuperRare, I managed to connect with Kim to talk about what exactly she thinks about NFT as a platform for distributing art, why she thinks AR will play such a big part in its future, and how the virtual can inform the real, in many different ways.

Image by Adario Strange/Next Reality

Rather than hold a one-on-one conversation, I decided to open it up by holding it on Clubhouse, the audio chat app that has recently sparked excitement after high-profile visits from the likes of tech billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

If you missed it, or haven't had a chance to try the Clubhouse beta app just yet, the full conversation is available below, enjoy!

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Cover image is a Next Reality composite of images from Krista Kim

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