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Forum Thread: Artificial Intelligence in Sci-Fi: A Double-Edged Sword

Peaceful optimism doesn't sell as well as gritty conflict. Science fiction stories that feature artificial intelligence usually have apocalyptic themes or disastrous consequences for the human characters. Hollywood has a strong selection bias for the darkest visions of an AI-enabled future because that's what makes compelling on-screen moments. These stories don't form in response to reality, and they don't serve to educate the audience either. They are fiction spun for our entertainment.

Forum Thread: New Fully Encrypted Augmented Reality Social Platform to Emerge in March 2019

BASINGSTOKE, England, January 21, 2019 - Winsche Studios plans to make its mark in the field of Augmented Reality (AR), launching their new social network platform called doRRtal. This platform will enable users to share 360 photos with their connections. New AR approach immerses and engage users deeply and augment the way they share and receive information. doRRtal will enable users to click on their connection's photos and view it in like a dorm to which user walks in and see the fill exper...

Forum Thread: Advanced Used of Virtual Reality in E-Commerce Sector Is Driving the Virtual Reality in Retail Market

On the basis of Market Research Future analysis North America region is generating highest market share in the virtual reality in retail market owing to better network infrastructure, higher technology implementation and implementation of virtual reality in retail sector. Adoption of virtual reality in retail in North America is mainly due to the invention of advanced technology and economies benefitting from it. North America region is leading due to presence of major players from the region...

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